What Are You Watching Tonight?

Or, what should you be watching? Well, here is what I will be watching. Check out tonight’s Prime Picks or what I am probably watching and Solid Selections or what I am probably recording.

Prime Picks

What I Like About You: The series return for this light Friday night comedy.
Twins: The series premiere for this comedy about fraternal twin sisters, one smart the other pretty, who inherit their parents’ lingerie business. From what I have seen and read this is not a very good show. We will see, nothing else really on anyway.

Threshold: The 2-hour series premiere of yet another creepy alien invasion. These things are popping up all over the tube. Tonight a strange signal from an unknown craft threatens a U.S. Naval cargo ship putting the worst-case scenario plan dubbed Threshold into action. The cast of this show, Carla Gugino, Charles S. Dutton and Brent Spiner, looks really good.

Solid Selections

Reba: Reba returns to the tube tonight. Reba takes the wrong pill by mistake, one that if mixed alcohol will make her really sick. Too bad this has all happened at a client party. Someone better doing something so Cheyenne and Van jump into action and hopefully comedy ensues.
Living With Fran: The season premiere of this somewhat funny show that debuted at the end of last season.

Other Options

Bones: Catch a replay of the Pilot episode of this entertaining show from the Fox Tuesday Night lineup. (See Review)

Reunion: A rebroadcast of the Pilot of this disappointing show. An alien invasion on Threshold not you cup of tea, then maybe watch this show and see what you think. (See Review)

Cable Choices

Stargate SG-1: Tonight concludes the summer season with a 2-hour episode. If you have been watching this show all summer you won’t want to miss tonight’s season finale.

Battlestar Galactica: If you were watching Stargate you might as well stick around the Sci-Fi channel for this episode where a computer virus gets into Galactica’s systems and Sharon’s loyalty is at issue.

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