Tonight on the Tube: Get Lost after Martha before the Invasion

Prime Picks

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (NBC): Once upon a time there was a new apprentice show starring Martha Stewart and on this show 16 candidates are divided into teams and then must rework a classic fairy tale so that the story will be relevant to today’s kids.

Lost (ABC): The new season begin with an episode entitled Man of Science, Man of Faith, which has one of the castaways descending through the strange hatchway and Shannon encounters someone familiar in the jungle.

Invasion (ABC): The series premiere of the third of the alien/creature shows debuting this season. To kick things off, A Florida park ranger investigates weird goings on in the community after the local sheriff quarantines the area following a hurricane.

Solid Selections:

Lost (ABC): Get a look behind the scenes of this hit show. The season premiere is next.

E-Ring (NBC): Tonight is the series premiere for this show set at the pentagon. This is another Jerry Bruckheimer produced program.

Law & Order (NBC): Tonight is the season premiere for this long running show.

Other Options

Still Standing (CBS): In this season premiere, Bill has to choose whether or not to let Brian some news regarding his latest love-interest.
Yes, Dear (CBS): In this season premiere, Jimmy and Kim make a decision that it is time for Greg to get a little tough love treatment after he turns down a job before he gets too comfortable.

Just Legal (UPN): Repeat of Monday night’s series premiere of this odd couple type lawyer pairing show. A brilliant, Doogie Howser like legal prodigy must take a job with a washed-up and grumpy attorney played by Don Johnson.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Catch the last hour of last season’s finale to get you ready for tomorrow night’s season premiere.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Watch Emeril kick some late summer veggies up a notch.

The Big Break IV (Golf Channel): The competition continues over in Europe.

Good Eats (Food Network): The versatility of vinegar is explored by Alton Brown followed by a repeat of an episode about garlic.


The top six compete on So You Think You Can Dance tonight in the first hour of primetime, if Martha, getting behind Lost, a couple of CBS comedies or Emeril bammin it up doesn’t interest you.

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