Tonight on the Tube: Everybody Hates Chris and Joey and CSI tracks down some Criminal Minds

The Thursday night television lineup is going to be the toughest when the season is in full swing. There will be something on all six networks worth watching. That’s right even UPN. Not everything has premiered yet as of tonight so it will be a little easier.

Prime Picks

Joey (NBC): In the season premiere the lovable dimwitted Joey gets his big break in showbiz. He gets a starring role in a movie.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): The season premiere of the original and best of the CSI franchise of shows. They get things started with three investigations. One revolves around a couple killed in an explosion. Another finds a stripper dead in the bad part of the city. The other has two corpses found decomposing in a trunk. Oh and the team gets back together this season.

Criminal Minds (CBS): Delve deep in the minds of deviant serial criminals in this series premiere. This is not this shows actual timeslot. It will normally air in the second hour on Wednesday. Without a Trace returns next week.

Solid Selections

Everybody Hates Chris (UPN): The series premiere of this show based on Chris Rock’s childhood. It is a favorite pick by many as the best new comedy to debut this season. So far that is not a difficult task. Tune in tonight and find out.
Love, Inc. (UPN): The series premiere of this show. If you watch Chris above you will either have to turn of the TV, flip channels or watch this new show until the second hour of prime time starts.

Reunion (Fox): The second episode of this intriguing yet so far underwhelming show. Last week this show was pre-empted by a Presidential Address. Find out what happened in 1987.

ER (NBC): New characters abound on the season premiere. If you are not into deviant criminal minds, then this is the next selection in the third hour of prime time.

Other Options

The O.C. (Fox): Ryan and Marissa only grow closer as their parents try to drive them apart.

The Apprentice (NBC): On the season premiere, Trump returns with a new group vying to work with him. There is a new twist in how and exemption works this year. The team leader of the winning team would be exempt from firing if they lost the next week. Now the winning team leader only gets the exemption if his or her team agrees they deserve it.

Not really any good third hour Other Options tonight.

Cable Choices

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (CNBC): Catch a repeat of last nights series premiere episode of Martha Stewart. If you like the original you will probably like the Martha-ized version.

Celebrity Poker Showdown (Bravo): Two hours of championship celebrity poker. The previous winners from this season compete for their charities.


For Cable Choices you may need to check your local listing for exact times depending on your time zone. If nothing else floats your TV boat tonight and you are awaiting the return of Smallville, watch tonight’s replay of last season’s finale to get you ready for next week.

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