Tonight on the Tube: Smallville, CSI and Without a Trace

There are plenty of new episodes tonight on the tube. A smorgasboard of good tasting TV treats. What will you be watching? Get some recommendations below. It is Holiday Cookie Baking Night on the Food Network. Guess what my Cable Choices are going to be.

Prime Picks

Smallville (WB): It is Lexmas in Smallville tonight as Lex tries to decide whether or not to use some information about Jonathan to help his political campaign but knows that it will also hurt Clark and Martha. What to do, what to do?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Grisson wonders if a kidnapping case is fabricated do to the lack of evidence the team is able to find.

Without a Trace (CBS): The team attempts to find out who an amnesiac is while Jack is dealing with a situation regarding his father.

Solid Selections

The O.C. (FOX): Ryan takes an internship at the Newport Group.

Everwood (WB): Ephram and Amy’s relationship takes a turn.

ER (NBC): The Christmas episode. It runs 61 minutes starting a minute into the previous hour.

Other Options

Joey (NBC): Tonight an old friend of Joey’s from high school visits and is played by Adam Goldberg who played the wacky psycho roommate of Chandler when Joey moved out back in the good old days on Friends.
Will & Grace (NBC): The gang spends Christmas at the home of Will’s mother and Grace gets a little romantic with his brother.

Reunion (FOX): It is 1993. This show has been cancelled and from what I have read the people behind the show could not come up with a way to close out the mystery early. As who did it relies too much on things that happen after the last filmed episode. So there will be no conclusion to the mystery. If that is the case then why is Fox still showing episodes of a show they have canceled. I can’t see people sticking with it once they now it will just be a waste of their time to do so. Fox really seems to have a lot of programming problems. Will they ever get their act together over there?

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Viewers submitted cookie recipes for the holidays are featured.

Winning Holiday Cookies (Food Network): The title says it all as Holiday Cookie night continues.

Paula’s Home Cooking (Food Network): Southern style holiday cookies are baked.
Good Eats (Food Network): Alton gets you up to speed with the cookie baking basics on this repeat episode.

Sports Notes

The Washington Wizards face the Indian Pacers on TNT in the early game followed by the Houston Rockets at the Sacramento Kings in the late game. ESPN and ESPN2 both have college basketball games on tonight.

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