Tonight on the Tube: Snoopy, Meth and Math

You can watch another Peanuts Christmas cartoon to get you in the Christmas spirit. Many of the shows tonight are new episodes. Not that Friday nights are anything to write home about TV wise. What will you be watching? Get some ideas below.

Prime Picks

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown! (ABC): ReRun wants a little holiday cheer from Snoopy and Spike in this animated holiday special.

Close to Home (CBS): A guy high on meth who was paid to kill some people kills the wrong ones. Annabeth discovers this while in the process of prosecuting him and another for the murder.

NUMB3RS (CBS): There are some bones of contention tonight. I bet they use a little math to help solve some crime also.

Solid Selections

What I Like About You (WB): Vince is unsure of himself when he finds out that Holly makes more money than he does.
Reba (WB): Repeat from earlier this season where Brock wants Reba to help him with his wife and her weight problem.

Reba (WB): Reba and Van are bickering too much and their boss sends them to an occupational therapist played by Richard Kind.
Twins (WB): Farrah freaks when she is actually rejected by a guy.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Repeat episode where Goren and Eames investigate a the deaths of a group of young people who parked their car on some railroad tracks and then waited for the train to finish them off.

Other Options

Dear Santa (FOX): Kids get their Christmas wishes granted.

Three Wishes (NBC): Wishes are granted including a kid who gets to be Bill Gates for a day.

20/20 (ABC): ABCNews investigative reports.

Cable Choices

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Cartoon Network): A missing Grandma and it is Christmas Eve. What could have happened to her?

What Not to Wear (TLC): Clinton and Stacy help a woman named Elizabeth who is a television executive.

Monk (USA): Repeat episode from last summer where Monk tries to find a murderer at the wedding of Natalie’s brother.

Sports Notes

The New Jersey Nets play at the Cleveland Cavaliers in the early game on ESPN followed by the New York Knicks at the Phoenix Suns in the late game.

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