Tonight on the Tube: NCIS, House and Boston Legal

Michael J. Fox: Courage for Life (Awesome Values in Famous Lives)It really is good to have new episode back on the air. Tuesday has actually become a big night with many good shows on. The DVR will once again be put to heavy use tonight. Some things to note are the return of Michael J. Fox to TV on Boston Legal tonight and on Cable you will find the fifth season premiere of The Shield on FX and the outstanding The Closer continuing to replay its first season over on TNT. What will you be watching tonight? What show are you the most excited about the return of new episodes tonight?

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): Tony and Ziva get trapped in a large shipping container while looking into the possibility of weapons smuggling.

House (FOX): A case comes in while House is out of town with Stacy and they are stuck in the airport and House has to try and help solve the case at a distance over the phone.

Boston Legal (ABC): Michael J. Fox guest stars as a CEO who used his status to make sure that he was getting a nonplacebo in a cancer drug trial and is represented by the firm.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (WB): Lorelai finds the perfect dress for the wedding while Luke goes to visit the mother of his newfound daughter because he wants to get to know her.

Scrubs (NBC): J.D. is about to turn 30 and he finds a list of things that he wanted to do before he turned 30 and comedy ensues.
Scrubs (NBC): In the second episode of the night J.D. is asked to introduce Dr. Kelso at an awards dinner and he sets out to find something good to say about him.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): An eight year old girl is kidnapped and her blood is found in the person who took the girl’s car and when tested shows that the girl has leukemia.

Other Options

Bones (FOX): Booth and Brennan try to tie up some loose ends in an old case of a man on death row who is about to be executed in this repeat.

Commander in Chief (ABC): At least they didn’t call this episode First something. Covert sub of the coast of North Korea runs into trouble and Mac must diffuse the situation.

You can always catch the last half of The 32nd Annual People’s Choice Awards on CBS. This is usually when the big awards are handed out any way.

Cable Choices

Overhaulin’ (TLC): A GTO that has been neglected gets some love from Chip Foose and the team.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel): A Colorado marble quarry is worked at.

The Shield (FX): The fifth season begins tonight with Vic being offered an early retirement package, a race riot at a local high school is investigated and an internal affairs officer talks to Lem.

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