Tonight on the Tube: Reflections, Lost and Invasion

The Lost Chronicles : The Official Companion BookTonight you will find pretty much everything is new. In the new new realm you will find a two-hour premiere for South Beach on UPN starring Vanessa Williams and Beauty and the Geek kicking off its second season on WB. Lost gives you a chance to try and catch up with the goings-on on the island. Then they hit you up with a new episode to give you some more information while keeping you scratching your head about what is really going on here. What TV shows are your looking most forward to tonight?

Prime Picks

Lost (ABC): Get caught up on the first 48 days of what been happening with the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Then watch the new episode next.

Lost (ABC): Get some back-story on Mr. Eko tonight. Also Claire starts losing faith in Charlie after she learns his secret and Jack keeps an eye on Kate as she gives Sawyer a haircut.

Invasion (ABC): Russell tells Mariel about Tom and questions her recent behavior. Deputy Sirk is invited by Tom to stay at his place to recuperate. Jesse comes in contact with a weird girl while vacationing with Larkin and Rose.

Solid Selections

One Tree Hill (WB): Lucas connects again with an old friend while he and Peyton are on a road trip to find Ellie. Brooke, Haley and Mouth find that there is more demand than they have product when they launch their new website.

Criminal Minds (CBS): The team searches for an abducted girl. Her father has been cleared of suspicion so they start from scratch and profile the neighborhood to try and find some clues to find her.

Law & Order (NBC): An officer takes matters into his own hands regarding the alleged killer of his partner and then tries to avoid be prosecuted for the crime by saying that he will expose tainted evidence used in previous cases.

Other Options

Still Standing (CBS): Bill and Judy try everything they can think of in order to acquire some Rolling Stones tickets.
Stacked (FOX): Gavin goes learns he must have some gallstones removed and comedy and laughter ensue.

Beauty and the Geek (WB): The first season of this reality show was actually good. Tonight see how the second season was cast.

CSI: NY (CBS): Repeat of the episode with the falling from the sky girl. Where did she come from?

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Bake up some bread with Emeril tonight.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): The Paper Crossbow. Jaime and Adam try making a deadly crossbow with some paper and underwear.

Good Eats (Food Network): Learn with Alton about using vanilla in cooking.
Ham on the Street (Food Network): Breakfast foods in America are looked at. The best meal of the day, who doesn’t like pancakes, hashbrowns, french toast, bacon, sausage and eggs?

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