Prime 7: Super Bowl XL Commercials

The Super Bowl of Advertising: How the Commercials Won the GameTurns out as a Seahawks fan that the best thing about the Super Bowl was once again the commercials. Usually I have no dog in the hunt and watch mainly for the spectacle of the event and a few hopefully funny commercials. I have read that people thought this year was weak commercial wise. To me it seemed much as it always does. Some stood out, some made you say “they spent millions for that” and yet others were neither bad nor good really. If you want to see a breakdown by quarter of all the Super Bowl XL commercials head over to They have descriptions of all 44 of them and links to video for most. So what were the best commercials this year?

Criteria: If it made me laugh or at least chuckle a bit it made the list.

TVaholic Prime 7 Super Bowl XL Commercials

  1., “Bunch of Jackasses”: I laughed the loudest at this one. This was quite a clever and funny extension of the “work with a bunch of monkeys” ad from last year.
  2. Diet Pepsi, “Stunt Double”: Anytime a company takes on another straight out in a funny way it is a good thing in my view. This was much superior to the first Diet Pepsi ad.
  3. Ameriquest, “Don’t Judge”: When the little girl lets go of the balloon she has brought for her father and then the look on the face of the doctor was pretty funny. Dark humor when done well as in this case is another good thing.
  4. Sierra Mist, “Security Wand”: This was sophomoric humor of the best kind. It was funny. The whole thing is a setup for the rubber glove snap at the end. Made me laugh.
  5. Michelob, “A Little Darker”: For whatever reason even though I kind of saw it coming I laughed when the dude drilled the hot chick that had been talking smack before the play. She gets him back later at the bar.
  6. Ameriquest, “Mile High Club”: Cleverly done and it made me chuckle. The look on the woman’s face as she realizes what it must look like to everyone else is priceless. Reminded me of the Southwest ad a couple of years back when the guy drops some change and the women behind him steps up to him like a quarterback and starts barking calls. The look on that guy’s face said it all as did this woman’s face as she straddled some unknown man on the plane.
  7. Aleve, “Live Long and Prosper”: Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek Spock fame can’t make his famous salute until he takes some Aleve. Made me chuckle a bit when the crowd went wild.

Honorable Mention

Budweiser, “Magic Fridge”: Funny but just short of making this list.
MasterCard, “MacGyver is Priceless”: Fun and good to see Richard Dean Anderson in his best role, but not funny in a make me laugh out load as the ones above mostly did.

So what did you think about the Super Bowl XL commercials this year? Where did TVaholic go wrong? What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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