American Idol: Top 10 Perform Songs of the 21st Century on Season 5

Last weeks performances were great, this week not so much. It was a lot like two weeks ago when the Top 12 performed. The first half of the show was pretty dismal and then the second half turned it up a bit.

Song selection was weird tonight. Randy just couldn’t get into what most of them were putting out there. I have to say I was with him most of the night on that one. When you pick a song and sing it just like the original and you don’t really bring it then you will not be hanging around much longer in this competition. Some picked songs over their head, others picked perfect songs for them and others just went all out weird in their selections.

So how did the American Idol Top 10 measure up this week?

  1. Chris Daughtry – He picked a song right in his wheelhouse and swung for the fences. It may have been “indulgent” but I thought he sounded real good and had a great performance.
  2. Mandisa – Same as Chris, she picked a song that was perfect for her and nailed it.
  3. Katharine McPhee – Quickly becoming a favorite. When Simon tells you that you were almost as good the original artist, Christina Aguilera I think it was, that is high praise.
  4. Elliot Yamin – I have to agree with Simon here that the arrangement was pretty bad but he was the only one tonight to try something a little different.
  5. Paris Bennett – When she said that she picked her song so she could have fun and just be a kid, I was like that is what you should be doing. Then she comes out and does a Beyonce impersonation including dance moves and lyrics that just didn’t fit her age. Yet she is the only one that puts on a complete performance every week on stage with her singing.
  6. Taylor Hicks – It was the best of the night when he performed it but that isn’t say much with the performances of Lisa Tucker and Ace Young coming before him.
  7. Kellie Pickler – This had to be the wackiest song choice of the night. Of all the country songs from the last six years and she chose that one. She has really been hit or miss so far and that has mainly been due to her song choices.
  8. Ace Young – This was a weak attempt at a Train song. In my opinion this little engine didn’t make it up the hill.
  9. Lisa Tucker – Not great but at least you could understand what she was singing.
  10. Bucky Covington – As Simon put it “downright couldn’t understand a word” and neither could I. He really did mumble his way through this one and it is time for him to go.

I think that Ace Young will once again be gracing the bottom three along with Lisa Tucker and Bucky Covington. Ace will probably be hanging around and either Lisa or Bucky leaving the show. If I could vote for someone to go it would be Bucky.

What did you think of the American Idol Top 10 performances last night? Who would you boot from the show if you could? Let us know in the comments.

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