American Idol: The 9 Remaining after the Vote on Season 5

Well I had two out of the three that were in the bottom three. Who the heck is voting for Bucky anyway? He was my first choice as who should be leaving but yet he is still there to mumble and scratch his way through another week. How Katharine ended up down there instead of Bucky just makes no sense. What did you think of the bottom three this week?

Lisa Tucker would have been my second choice for who should go so it was not a huge loss. She just never connected that voice to a song and then with the audience. Also, when you choose to sing a song by a former American Idol you better really do something with it or you will end up like Lisa did. Having to sing it again after being told you lost.

With nine left here is the TVaholic updated rankings of who has the best chance of becoming the Season 5 American Idol:

  1. Chris Daughtry – It sucks to be told by the judges in the previous two weeks that you know what you like and you stay true to yourself in your song choices and then pick a song right in line with that once again and be told that it was “indulgent.” For me as the viewer this was one of only two performances on Tuesday that I remember in a positive way two days later. That is not the case with much of what we heard that night.
  2. Mandisa – She had the same problem as Chris did above. She chose something that fits her voice and personality and was probably the type of music she loves to sing. This was the other performance that left a positive memory.
  3. Paris Bennett – She is the closest to the complete package of vocals, personality and stage performance but her age and song choices need to start meshing better for her to win.
  4. Taylor Hicks – He is the hit or miss kid. He needs to sing something that he can really blow the roof off with. Show some power. At least this week he wasn’t flailing about the stage.
  5. Kellie Pickler – She is the female version of the hit or miss kid. Right now her personality and likeability is what is keeping her in it. She should do well next week with the theme being country western if she chooses wisely. That may be a tall order.
  6. Elliott Yamin – An absolutely great vocal talent. Has yet to really blow you away with any performance. This week the arrangement was terrible but at least he put some of himself into the song he chose.
  7. Katharine McPhee – I would put her in my top three but this is a listing of who I think has the best chance of winning the whole thing. After her trip to the bottom three this week it has left me wondering if she has enough connection with the viewing public, as of last week I would have said yes. This week obviously not so much, the McPheever seems to have gone down. Hopefully it hasn’t broken yet and will make a comeback.
  8. Ace Young – His performance was weak and that is all there is to say.
  9. Bucky Covington – The scarecrow has got to go.

This week was personality over performance for the most part. Not that there were many good performances to be voted on. Hopefully next week things will come around once again.

With the theme of American Idol next week being country western Bucky may yet get another reprieve. Who do you think will have the most trouble with next week’s theme?

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