American Idol: The Super Seven Left Standing on Season Five

I had two of the bottom three right for this week’s American Idol elimination. How about you? I had Taylor down there with Bucky and Ace. But alas it was Elliot joining those other two in the bottom three. Yet it was Bucky “The Scarecrow” Covington that was finally sent packing instead of my pick Ace.

The voting audience is odd. Bucky should have never even been in the Top 12 let alone lasted this long. Yet on a week that he actually didn’t have the worst performance his time ran out. Ace is sure to be soon to follow.

So with seven left, here is the updated TVaholic rankings of who has the best chance to become the Season 5 American Idol:

  1. Chris Daughtry – Remains at number one after continuing to perform well. He could have really tried to seize the “moment” with a better song choice.
  2. Katharine McPhee – Up two spots this week. Once again had my favorite performance of the night this week. She finally showed a connection with the song she was singing.
  3. Kellie Pickler – Down one spot from last week. Needs to smack the lighting guy to make to make sure that doesn’t happen again. It was not flattering at all.
  4. Paris Bennett – Drops one position from last week. She really needs to act her age if she wants to win. Great voice but with each new look, I see a little girl playing dress-up and singing. Can’t you just see her after raiding her mother’s closet singing into a hairbrush in front of a full-length mirror to a song playing on the radio?
  5. Taylor Hicks – Remains in the same spot. He got away from the standing still and showed off his herky-jerky dance moves a bit again. He does sound better when he is having fun.
  6. Elliot Yamin – Up one spot. Had his best vocal in a while and maybe of the night but ended up in the bottom three again this week making me leery of his chances.
  7. Ace Young – Moves down one spot from last week. Falsetto boy has been in the bottom three a lot. He always says that he “really felt it” in regards to whatever he has chosen to sing. I too have felt his performances. They are like a finger down your throat with much the same result.

That is how TVaholic sees it. How do you see it? Who do you think has the best chance of becoming the American Idol this season?

The theme of American Idol next week will be the songs of Rod Stewert. Who do you think will have the most trouble with next week’s theme? Who do you think will do well? Let us know in the comments.

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