Tonight on the Tube: Bernie Mac, Reba, Modern Men and Conviction

Reba - Season 1The CBS lineup is all repeats tonight as well as Las Vegas on NBC. Doctor Who plays on the Sci-Fi Channel while a repeat of this week’s Thief on FX replays tonight. Primetime on ABC will be playing tonight and for the next few weeks while they try Commander In Chief on Thursday nights in its place. What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

The Bernie Mac Show (FOX): Back to back episodes tonight. In the first, Vanessa must prove to Bernie that she can manage her money herself. In the second, carelessness by the kids leads Bernie to experience near death.

Reba (WB): Members of the family end up in therapy, again.
Modern Men (WB): The guys are encouraged to date out of their comfort zone. For Kyle this means attempting to date up.

Conviction (NBC): Rossi is near a conviction in a rape case when Cabot steals her defendant for a prosecution of insurance fraud.

Solid Selections

Ghost Whisperer (CBS): Repeat where a comic is helped crossover.

Las Vegas (NBC): Repeat where Mike gets to fulfill his dream of doing the weather report on TV.

NUMB3RS (CBS): Repeat where Charlie finds a picture on a computer that is part of a drug case and pursues it against Don’s wishes.

Other Options

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC): This week’s After the Storm show is in Texas.

Primetime (ABC): Tom Cruise is interviewed.

20/20 (ABC): ABC investigative reports.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat where Emeril prepares some of his favorite dishes for Sunday dinner.

What Not to Wear (TLC): A woman that wears Notre Dame gear is overhauled.

Monk (USA): Repeat where Monk gets a job in an office and finds that his quirks make him well liked there and experiences a little normalcy for a short time.

Sports Notes

ESPN has an NBA doubleheader with the Washington Wizards at the Chicago Bulls followed by the Phoenix Suns at the Golden State Warriors. ESPN2 has Friday Night Fights.

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