ABC Unveils Their Fall 2006 TV Schedule

First off let me say, Wow! Grey’s Anatomy moves to Thursday night putting it up against the #1 rated CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS and the highly anticipated new offering from Aaron Sorkin on NBC, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. That sets up quite a battle royal between the three networks not to mention whatever The CW and FOX will have in that timeslot.

ABC looks to be duplicating the Thursday night lineup of NBC with the night opening with two half hour comedies followed by two hour long drama series. This is the night that all networks want to win ratings wise as they can then get the big advertising bucks from the movie studios advertising their new movies that come out each Friday.

The other thing I noticed is that Invasion was not picked up for second season. I hope that the rumor of The CW picking it up is true as it is a very good, if slow moving, thriller.

Yesterday NBC announced their Fall 2006 lineup and tomorrow it will be CBS with FOX and The CW on Thursday.

So, what does the ABC lineup look like for Fall 2006?

America’s Funniest Home Videos
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters – New family drama takes over the Grey’s Anatomy timeslot.

Wife Swap
The Bachelor then Supernanny
What About Brian

Dancing with the Stars – New night. New show Set for the Rest of Your Life takes over the timeslot when the Stars competition ends.
Let’s Rob… – New half hour comedy about a group planning to rob Mick Jagger.
Help Me Help You – New half hour comedy starring Ted Danson (Becker, Cheers).
Boston Legal

Dancing with the Stars – Results show will be replaced on the schedule by George Lopez and According to Jim on a new night after Stars ends.
The Nine – New drama about nine people who are hostages of a bank robbery and how it changes their lives. It sounds Lost-ish in its story telling.

Big Day – New half hour comedy about the day of a wedding told in a 24-ish style over the course of 22 episodes.
Notes from the Underbelly – New half hour comedy about how pregnancy changes your life.
Grey’s Anatomy – New night and timeslot.
Six Degrees – New drama from J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost) about six people and how they affect each other’s lives without realizing it.

Betty the Ugly – New hour-long comedy about a bigger gal or should I say regular size gal working in the world of fashion and too skinny supermodels.
Men in Trees – New dramedy, think Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure.

ABC Saturday Night College Football – New.

Shows not picked up by ABC are Invasion, Freddie and Commander In Chief.

Shows waiting in the wings are Day Break, In Case of Emergency, Greg Behrendt’s Wake-Up Call, Just for Laughs and Traveler.

Interesting to see how many shows both comedy and drama on ABC are being told in a 24-ish, Lost-ish or some combination of the two story telling style. Shows that do look intriguing are The Nine and Six Degrees both of which sound to have Lost-ish elements to the way their stories will be told.

What shows look good to you at this point? What shows are you disappointed didn’t make the ABC Fall 2006 TV Schedule? What shows are got picked up for another season that you just can’t believe?

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