CBS Announces Their Fall 2006 TV Lineup

CBS will be returning most of their shows from last season. Only four shows will be new for the fall. They include one half hour comedy and three dramas. Plus they have The King of Queens waiting in the wings with one other new comedy and two new dramas for mid-season.

The biggest change is moving The Amazing Race and Without a Trace to Sunday in response to NBC now having Sunday Night Football. Doing away with the made for TV movies they have been showing.

Yesterday it was ABC making their Fall 2006 TV schedule announcement with NBC the day before that and FOX and The CW presenting theirs tomorrow.

So, what does CBS’ Fall 2006 TV lineup look like?

60 Minutes
The Amazing Race – New night and timeslot.
Cold Case – New timeslot.
Without a Trace – New night and timeslot.

How I Met Your Mother – New timeslot.
The Class – New half hour comedy about a group of people that met in 3rd grade and come together twenty years later.
Two and a Half Men
The New Adventures of Old Christine
CSI: Miami

The Unit
Smith – New drama, think Heist meets Thief.

Jericho – New drama about a small Kansas town that may be the only thing left after a nuclear explosion.
Criminal Minds

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Shark – New drama starring James Woods as a cutthroat defense attorney that decides to bring his tactics and know how to the district attorney’s office and becomes a prosecutor.

Ghost Whisperer
Close to Home

CrimeTime Drama Repeats for the first two hours of the night
48 Hours: Mystery

The most notable shows not picked up are Courting Alex and Out of Practice, the later of the two, which I enjoyed.

Shows waiting to replace shows that don’t make it with The King of Queens are 3LBS, Waterfront and the comedy Rules of Engagement.

The shows that interest TVaholic are Smith, since Heist was cancelled by NBC and Thief probably won’t get another season on FX and The Class which sounds like it could be a good companion to How I Met Your Mother.

What shows look good to you? Anything you wish would have returned? What do you wish would just go away already?

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