And Your Season Five American Idol Is …

Taylor Hicks!!! Well it was pretty much just like everybody thought. After the votes were counted the Soul Patrol had mounted an effective campaign to put an end to McPheever, at least as far as American Idol goes.

The season five finale itself was actually a pretty good show. They had quite the wide assortment of guest singers. Paris Bennett with Al Jarreau, Katharine McPhee with Meatloaf, Chris Daughtry with his favorite band Live, a Burt Bacharach medley of songs performed by the Top 12 with him playing the piano, and many others including two songs right before the results by Prince.

So by the vote of the American Idol fans the number one rank goes to:

  1. Taylor Hicks – He had a better night and a better song which we heard once again as he sang the show out. He really is a good entertainer. In the middle of the song he gave shout outs to the rest of his fellow contestants, the soul patrol and everybody else and then went right back in and finished the song. Earlier in the show he came out harmonica blazing as he sang with the six guys from the competition. The guy sure knows how to have fun on stage. But will you buy his CD when it comes out?

Who did you want to win on season five of American Idol? Did America make the right choice?

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