What Happened to Conviction on NBC? and More of Your TV Questions Answered

Conviction: The Complete SeriesThese are the latest TV questions web searchers have been asking their favorite search engine, which lead them to TVaholic looking for the answer.

What happened to Conviction on NBC?
Conviction was cancelled. I think it just had to many characters and storylines to follow. However you may be interested to know that Eric Balfour (Brian Peluso) will be reprising his role as a computer tech on the sixth season of 24, which premieres in January. Also, Julianne Nicholson (Christina Finn) is still working for Dick Wolf. She is set to play a detective and the new partner of the Chris Noth character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent replacing Annabella Sciorra in the upcoming season.

When will Golden Girls Season Six be released on DVD?
The sixth season of The Golden Girls will be released on November 14th, 2006. It will have all 26 season six episodes on three discs.

When did The Unit premiere?
The series premiere of The Unit was on March 7th, 2006 with the episode “First Responders.” The DVD set of The Unit – The Complete First Season will be released on Sept. 19th, 2006 and the second season begins on CBS that same night.

How did the season end on Thief on FX Channel?
Basically they made it off the plane with the money and went their separate ways. One got captured. One had been shot and Nick was double crossed by the guy watching his stepdaughter and he ends up paying him his cut of the loot to get her back safely. For a more detailed review you can check out what TV Squad had to say about the “In the Wind” season finale episode of Thief.

Is there going to be a 2nd season of Falcon Beach on ABC Family?
The show is filmed in Canada for broadcast on Global TV. It was rebroadcast on ABC Family this past summer in the US. A second season is presently being filmed and will be seen on Global TV in January 2007. So I would look for the second season on ABC Family sometime next summer.

What happened on the season finale of Falcon Beach?
On the “Summer’s Over” season finale of Falcon Beach, Palmer gets Tanya to finger Lane for the drug sale after she got caught in the previous week’s episode driving while high and in possesion of an illegal substance. When Lane finds out he tells Jason what he heard about his father dealing drugs to get back at her. Jason loses it and breaks things off with Paige and may not go to Nationals. Trevor buys the cottage out from under Ginny to get her back for divorcing him. Danny and Erin head off for Seattle after saying goodbye to everyone at the end of summer corn roast. Paige finally ends up siding with her mother after finding out about the cottage sale. So Trevor offers Lane a job with him building his new resort to try and keep at least one child in his corner. Jason comes back around and is going to go to Nationals and makes up with Paige and tells her he wants her to come back. Right now you can watch the “Summer’s Over” episode for free at the ABC Family website via streaming video with, as they say, limited commercial interuptions or you can get this episode or the entire season at iTunes.

What song did Mary J. Blige sing on Saturday Night Live this weekend?
The two songs she sang on this past weekends Saturday Night Live replay were “Be Without You” and “Enough Cryin” from her latest album The Breakthrough. The episode of SNL was hosted by Antonio Banderas and originally aired on April 8th, 2006.

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