What ABC shows will return in Fall 2007? And More Ask the TVaholic Questions

Kyle XY - The Complete First Season - DeclassifiedFor this outing of Ask the TVaholic we have four email submitted questions and three that have recently been searched for. People want to know about short live animated shows, Project Runway on Bravo, The Riches on FX, ABC’s Men in Trees, Kyle XY on ABC Family and what ABC shows will return for Fall 2007.

John asked: I’m trying to find out the name of a short lived animated TV series from the ’90s about two friends who buy an old Chevy Impala and drive all over the country. Each episode talks about where they are and the adventures they have there. Please help me find the answer!?
This is quite the question and even being the TVaholic, at first I had no idea, but I think I may have found the answer for you. There was a claymation show called Gary & Mike on the old UPN. It premiered January 11th, 2001 and in total, there were 13 episodes, all of which aired. Christopher Moynihan and Harland Williams (Employee of the Month, Sorority Boys) voiced the title characters. Kurtwood Smith (That ‘70s Show) also lent his voice to the show as Officer Dick.

Sharon asked: Has Project Runway been cancelled? Will it be airing a cycle this summer? There was a lot of buzz about Tim Gunn not signing a contract, but from what you’ve listed, it’s not on the summer TV schedule.
Project Runway has not been cancelled, it will be back for a fourth cycle, but not over the summer. Season 4 of Project Runway will play sometime near the end of this year in November or December. According to Reality Blurred, they started filming this month and will do so in between filming episodes of Tim Gunn’s new show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

Tammy asked: Will the first season of The Riches be shown in repeats in the near future?
Most likely not, as FX tends to air their shows, with multiple airings through out a week, but when they are done, they are usually done. Then they put their focus on something new, like Rescue Me, which premieres tomorrow night or the upcoming Damages in July. You can, however, download individual episodes or the full season at either iTunes or Amazon’s Unbox.

Sammy asked: What happened to the TV show Men in Trees?
Information regarding Men in Trees on ABC has far and away been the most searched for by TV fans in the last few months that eventually ended up here at TVaholic. The show started out on Friday night last season in the second hour of primetime. It did pretty well for a Friday and when Six Degrees faltered in the post Grey’s Anatomy slot, ABC decided to give Men in Trees a shot in that timeslot. It did better than Six Degrees and ABC announced they would be picking it up for the season and subsequently for a second season. Then ABC decided to use the after Grey’s Anatomy timeslot to launch October Road. They were only going to play four episodes, but ended up showing the entire six-episode first season of the show. Then ABC decided to try and launch other shows like Notes from the Underbelly, the summer series Traveler and lastly to try and get people interested again in Lost before the season finale with a clip show. While it has left Men in Trees fans wondering what happened to their show, it seems to have worked out well for ABC, as October Road and Notes both got picked up for a second season. The remaining five episodes from season one of Men in Trees will be added to next season’s 22 episodes for an extended season. It will once again be on Friday nights, but in the first hour of primetime this go-around. Here’s hoping that they leave it alone this season and give old and new fans a chance to find and watch this fun show.
Update 8-28-2007: Men in Trees is now scheduled to play in the third hour of primetime on Friday nights this fall, beginning October 12th.

Where can I download season one of Kyle XY?
You can download individual episodes or the entire first season of Kyle XY at iTunes. Kyle XY Season One is also available on DVD. Also, right now, the first season can be watched via streaming video at the ABC Family website.

Will there be a repeat of the Kyle XY premiere?
Yes, the season two premiere of Kyle XY will play Friday night on ABC in the first hour of primetime. But, don’t get too used to the Friday night ABC replay, as this will most likely only take place for the first few weeks. Similar to what they did last summer with season one. Right now, only season one of Kyle XY is available via streaming video at the ABC Family website, but you may be able to watch it there in the coming week. Also, you will also be able to download it at iTunes soon. Probably once it airs Friday night on ABC.

What ABC shows will return in Fall 2007?
Well, shows returning to ABC for Fall 2007 are: 20/20, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor, Boston Legal, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing With the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey’s Anatomy, Men in Trees, Saturday Night College Football and Ugly Betty. Shows returning after Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor end their fall run are: Notes from the Underbelly, October Road and Wife Swap. Shows returning at some point: Supernanny and Primetime. Lost returns in 2008 for a 16-episode season that will run uninterrupted. Get more info on ABC’s Fall 2007 Schedule, including new shows and what nights they will be on.

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