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The Starter Wife on DVDIt has been a while since the TVaholic answered your questions, so here goes. This time we have an inquiry about Cavemen, when The Starter Wife might replay, what happened to Hidden Palms, who that dude was on Day Break and a couple of questions about actresses in recent episodes of Army Wives and Eureka.

Aaron asked: Do you have an opinion about Cavemen, the show based on the Geico ad?
No real opinion on the show, as I have not seen an episode of it yet. Being based on the Geico ads, which I have never thought were all that funny, doesn’t get me too excited. There seems to be a big brew-ha-ha over it being just a thinly veiled depiction of African Americans. From what I understand about the show, it is to take a whole bunch of racial stereotypes, not particular to any one race, and attribute them all to the Cavemen, which are a group that it still seems socially OK for everybody to put down. Thus, attempting to shine a light on how racism still affects people today and to try and be funny while doing it. That is a tall order. They are traversing quite the tightrope without much of a net in trying to do so. The whole thing makes me wonder which is worse though: an ill-conceived, but with supposedly good intentions, look at racism these days, or the person that watches it and instantly thinks they are just making fun of one particular race? I also wonder what others think about the show?

Melissa asked: Just wondering if you know if USA is going to show all of the episodes of The Starter Wife anytime soon? I saw a few, but need to catch up.
USA will be airing all six hours of the miniseries during the day on Wednesday, August 22nd. The series is also available at iTunes and will be available on DVD as of September 11th, 2007.

Paloma asked: I really like the new show that the CW has brought out, Hidden Palms. As I was watching the other night, I noticed that they said that they were going to air the SERIES finale. I know the show has only aired for a few weeks. Was it just going to be a summer show that will never return or was it cancelled?
Actually, it was supposed to be a midseason replacement this past season, but was never aired. The CW decided to debut it at the end of the season, beginning of the summer, but it debuted to low numbers, even by The CW standards. In its second week the audience dwindled even more. The CW then decided to air episodes back-to-back to finish out its eight-episode run, a couple of weeks sooner than originally scheduled. I guess that you can be glad that they at least aired all the filmed episodes. The final episode was the series finale and the show has been cancelled.

Sandi asked: On the ABC show Day Break on the Finale there was a man they showed outside watching the main Char. WHO IS HE??? and how does he connect with Hopper and Rita?? This question is annoying the Heck out of me. I have watched series 2 times online and I am missing out on how he connects. Can you Please help me I hate not knowing?
I believe you are talking about the guy in the nice suit with the slicked back hair. He was the crazy surfer dude, Jared Pryor, that bit Hopper at the police station and that he ran into at the club and later left him with his supposed doctor. Makes you wonder where a second season of this show could’ve gone, doesn’t it?

Barb asked: I know that Reba has been cancelled, but don’t understand why, it seemed as though it had a good rating, also in quite a few episodes Kyra was not in them, why? She often walked as though she had leg problems, did she have surgery?
I don’t really understand why either, as it was one of The CW’s higher rated shows over its final 13 episodes. It seems as though it didn’t fit with the demographic that The CW is trying to attract, which is funny since many of the network’s shows don’t attract much of anyone at all. As for the Kyra character not being in a lot of episodes, the actress who played her, Scarlett Pomers, was dealing with an eating disorder.

Renee asked: Who was the actress in Army Wives tonight that played the female hero patient? She suffered from kidney problems.
The actress to whom you refer is Dahlia Salem. I knew I had seen her before, but couldn’t place her right off. She has appeared in episodes of House, CSI: Miami and Crimianl Minds, but she may be most recognizable from her stint as Dr. Jessica Albright on ER a couple of seasons ago.

Ann asked: Did Rosanna Arquette play the role of “Abby Carter” in tonight’s episode (July 31, 07′) of Eureka?
No, it was Olivia d’Abo. You may recognize her from a few episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent where she played Det. Goren’s reoccurring nemesis, Nicole Wallace. Or, more likely, you may remember her as Kevin Arnold’s older sister, Karen, on The Wonder Years.

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