TV Review: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Gets Invincible

The Gang From It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - CR: Jay Silverman / FXShow: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
Episode: “The Gang Gets Invincible” (Season 3)
Original Air Date: Thursday, September 13th 2007
Rating: 2½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: The gang tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Long Synopsis: In this one the gang hears about open tryouts being held for the Philadelphia Eagles, like in the movie. Mac and Glenn decide to take part, not because they think they can make the team, but to find out once and for all, who the better football player is. Dee wants to join in the competition, but they say she can’t because girls can’t tryout. So, she goes all Just One of the Guys and gets into the tryouts. Meanwhile, Charlie and Frank decide to tailgate the tryouts.

Review: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has never made it into the TVaholic’s viewing schedule. So, when a screener with the first four episodes of season three arrived, I watched the first two. They will both air tomorrow night, September 13th.

Each episode is a giant setup for the final scene punch line. But, in this episode there was a lot more to like leading up to that last scene. It definitely gives a better glimpse into why this show might be worth adding to your viewing schedule.

Like, when Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show) playing a fake Donavan McNabb arrives to give an inspirational talk at the tryouts, like the flyer promised. It was very funny, especially when it turns into an ad for McDonald’s.

It is a bit on the loud and obnoxious side sometimes, as they seem to being trying to hard to be funny and will go over-the-top in a hurry. When the comedy doesn’t land, it can be hard to watch, but when it does, it can make even the hard to watch scenes worth it. This is similar to how the comedy plays out on The Office. It just doesn’t happen as often in Philadelphia as it does in Scranton.

Overall, this was a better episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia than the season premiere. This one leaves me wanting to check out a few more episodes, as it looks to be a show that will need a handful of viewings to get a complete handle on.

What did you think of this episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

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