Review: CSI: Miami – Season Seven Premiere on CBS

Get CSI: Miami Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandShow: CSI: Miami (CBS)
Episode: “Resurrection” – Season Premiere (Season 7)
Premiere Date: Monday, September 22nd, 2008
Rating: 2.0 out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: Sunglasses are taken off and put back on.

Long Synopsis: The team is doing everything they can to find out who shot Horatio and the evidence leads them in multiple directions. It may be that someone in the lab helped in the assassination. Also, they are trying to get the armor piercing bullets off the street.

Review: CSI: Miami is not a great show. It’s sometimes a good show that’s filled with stilted acting and lots of beautiful scenery. Let’s just say that the Terminators on FOX are not the only robots on Monday nights. Yet, I’ve seen every episode of the show, including tonight’s seventh season premiere.

Tonight’s episode is just what you’d expect from the series: beautiful people and places, explosions, gun battles, high-heeled investigators, Hummers, sunglasses and a bunch of twists and turns leading up to an ending you probably saw coming.

It picks up right where last season left off, with the shooting of David Caruso’s Lt. Horatio Caine. The reaction by the team is the first bit of emotion I’ve seen portrayed on the show in some time. It was fleeting, but it was there.

One of the problems with the show is that it is starting to verge on science fiction. Some of the stuff in that lab looks like it should be on the Starship Enterprise. Neither of the other two CSI versions has gone down this road tech wise. It is just another way the show has gone over the top.

Overall, if you like this show, then you will like this episode. Its competition in the third hour of primetime is Boston Legal on ABC, My Own Worst Enemy on NBC and Raising the Bar on TNT. Also, this week it has the second hour of the Heroes season premiere to deal with and then Life for the following two weeks on NBC.

CSI: Miami season seven premieres tonight, Monday, September 22nd on CBS.

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