Merry… & Happy New Year!

You may be wondering what happened to the daily updates, well here’s a little Christmas tale for you now that I was finally was able to borrow my dad’s laptop and get to the library for some free wi-fi.

Lost power on Christmas morning, which is not something you like to have happen anytime, but especially when there is over a foot of snow out and it’s continuing to come down. It had already been snowing for a week. Plus, it was Christmas. When it came back on later that afternoon, unfortunately the DSL modem did not. Thus began the fun of no Internet access.

After finally finding someone at Verizon on Friday after Christmas to ship out a new modem, it was sent out that night via UPS Next Day Super Saver. Yes, couldn’t get them to upgrade it to Saturday delivery. Not that it would have mattered since we are still pretty backed up delivery-wise in the Seattle area from the recent snow, but they sent it to the wrong address. Somehow, Verizon is able to send the bill to the correct address each month, but not the new modem.

So, instead of a new modem arriving on Monday, it still sits in the UPS system after an address correction and probably won’t be here until maybe Friday.

Well, that is my brief tale of woe. TVaholic will be back with daily picks for what is worth watching each night on the tube in the New Year, once the new modem arrives. Hopefully, this will be sooner than later.

I would like to thank all those who sent well wishes and emails wondering what had happened to me and the site and all the readers of TVaholic. I tried to reply to each of you from my cell phone, which has been my only link to the web for a week now.

Until I am back online, you can get a hold of me via the contact form on the site or @theTVaholic via Twitter.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a safe and Happy New Year!

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