Audio Interview: John Rogers – Writer, Executive Producer & Co-Creator of TNT’s Leverage

Back on June 23rd I had a chance to spend the day on the set of Leverage. They were in the process of shooting the seventh episode of season two, which airs tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 26th. This was originally going to be the summer finale episode, but TNT recently decided to extend the summer run by two episodes.

During the set visit, Joseph Dilworth from and I got a chance to talk with John Rogers, who is a writer, executive producer and co-creator of the show. In total we talked to him for a little over 26 minutes. I had a great time, cause all you had to do was barely mention something and he would be off and running. Also, had a chance to interview Christian Kane.

Topics Covered in the John Rogers Interview:

  • Why the show is so successful
  • Geekiest moment in history
  • Portrayal of hacking on the show
  • What the con in S.2 Ep.7 is based on
  • How they come up with the con ideas
  • How they arc an episode/season
  • The comedy of Leverage
  • Adlibbing and scripting
  • The relationship between the cast
  • How long the series should go
  • Nate’s story arc
  • Breaking up the team
  • When they found out about getting a second season
  • Where the third season might go
  • His other projects/comics

So, what did you think of the John Rogers interview? Is there something you would have asked? Let me know in the comments.

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