Top 7 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials 2010

Overall the ads during Super Bowl XLIV were pretty lackluster. Even the seven I picked below as my favorites weren’t really all that great.

The one thing I didn’t particularly care for was the number of ads that showed guys to be spineless, jerks, and cheaters, among other less than desirable characteristics. On the face of it, it just seems dumb. I mean, who do you think the largest group of people are watching the Super Bowl? It’s guys, dudes, men, males, etc. Is this the way to influence them to buy your product? Anyway, here are my favorites.

7 Best Super Bowl XLIV Ads

  1. The Late Show With David Letterman Ad with Dave, Oprah, and Jay Leno – This is the one ad that made you go what, wait, what? Plus, it was funny and a brilliant marketing move for both Jay and Dave, even though it was supposed to be an ad for >The Late Show. It got people talking about both of them. Plus, it was a nice play off the Dave and Oprah ad from 2007 when CBS has the Super Bowl last.

    Ad Result: While my favorite, it won’t get me watching either of the late night hosts’ shows.
  2. Snickers Ad with Betty White and Abe Vigoda – This was the first ad that at least got me chuckling. Great representation of not feeling like yourself, even if a Snickers bar won’t really get you going, the ad was funny. Plus, Betty White is the queen of comedy and has a great sense of humor about herself, which is showed off quite well in the ad.

    Ad Result: I won’t be buying any more Snickers than I already occasionally do.
  3. Bud Light Stranded Ad – Nice parody of Lost, which right now is at the top of my TV viewing thinking, so really liked this one.

    Ad Result: I don’t drink, so had no shot of working.
  4. Doritos House Rules Ad – Little kids are funny, especially when they do something you aren’t expecting, like telling his mother’s suitor to keep his hands of his mother and his Doritos.

    Ad Result: I won’t be buying any more Doritos than I already occasionally do.
  5. Google Parisian Love Ad – It’s always interesting just how little you actually need to tell a compelling story, like a few search terms for example. It was cute, told a nice story, but didn’t quite get the people that were getting all weepy over it, it wasn’t that good of a story. Mostly, I was just shocked to see an ad for Google on my TV, as I don’t recall ever seeing one before.

    Ad Result: I already pretty much use Google as my main search engine and wasn’t planning on changing anytime soon.
  6. Bridgestone Your Tires or Your Life Ad – I’m just partial to misunderstood words and sound a likes in my comedy, so enjoyed this one. But, seriously didn’t expect the wife to be hot.

    Ad Result: Don’t see myself seeking out any Bridgestone tires the next time I need new tires.
  7. Hotel Hell Vacation Trailer Ad – It’s the Griswolds on vacation, so I’m in right off the bat. Haven’t gone and watched the whole short film yet, but probably will.

    Ad Result: May get me to their site to watch the entire video, but doubt I will be using their service to book any future trips.

So, overall there weren’t a lot of very memorable commercials and the ones that were don’t really do a good job at what a commercial is supposed to do, get you interested in spending your money on their product or service.

What did you think of this year’s Super Bowl ads? What was your favorite? Least favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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