Interview: Colin Ferguson, Emily Rose & Eddie McClintock Talk Syfy Holiday Specials 2011 (Video)

Back in October I had a chance to attend the Syfy Digital Press Tour 2011 in Orlando, FL. We got to attend a day of panels focusing on Syfy’s upcoming winter slate of programming, which includes holiday specials of Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven that premiere December 6th, 2011. The panel includes Colin Ferguson, Eddie McClintock and Emily Rose. Here is the video of the panel and runs about 32 minutes. Below the video is a list of some of the questions that were covered.

Some of the Questions Answered During the Syfy Holiday Specials Panel

  • What was that like to do an animated episode like that?
  • You have some guest-star voices as well?
  • Did you channel your, like, inner Jimmy Stewart for that, or how did that work?
  • Was it good to kind of do a completely different episode that kind of stepped out of the flow? Was it weird to shoot a Christmas episode in July?
  • Considering the season finales of both of your shows, where do the Christmas episodes fit in the continuity?
  • How do you feel now that Audrey and Nathan are finally getting together?
  • What’s it like when you do the Christmas episodes compared to doing the regular episodes? Is the tone different, like, on set? Is the feel different, or do you treat it just like another episode?
  • When you guys were watching the clips before, I was watching you guys watching the clips, and you all had an amused look on your face. I’m just curious what was going through your mind watching them? There’s another question about why not. Overall, I was wondering what is it about your individual shows that sort of is your passion for it? What drives your passion for these shows?
  • Now that you’ve done all of the holiday specials together, do you have some holiday traditions now that you do when you are on the set?
  • Since the specials have shades of inspiration from other movies and specials and everything, what are your personal, most favorite holiday movies, TV specials, and then the ones that you hate and why?
  • Fans are just devastated about what happened with Jenks, very cruel, and I was wondering what the cast’s reaction was?

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