Interview: Dave Annable of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue (Video)

by Jason the TVaholic on September 30, 2012

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Dave Annable of ABC's 666 Park AvenueOn the Friday, July 13th I was part of a group interview with Dave Annable of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue at Comic-Con 2012. 666 Park Avenue premieres Sunday, September 30th, 2012. See what was covered below and check out the video interview.

Interview Topics Covered

  • His character and the relationship to the building
  • How much he prefers to know about where the show is going
  • His theory about the show and The Drake building
  • What attracted him to the series
  • Thoughts on Terry O’Quinn as Gavin
  • Thoughts on the backstory for his character
  • Parallels to real life New York stories of moving to New York
  • How he like to work within an ensemble cast

Watch the Interview With Dave Annable of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue

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