Thursday on TV: The Vampire Diaries, Person of Interest, Elementary & More
November 1, 2012 Tonight on the Tube

News & Notes

Get The Vampire Diaries Season 3 on Blu-ray/DVD at AmazonTonight, ABC has The 46th Annual CMA Awards.

Update 7:47am: Apparently, there is an episode of The Voice playing tonight on NBC instead of their comedy block. The guide I was using had not been updated with the latest information, but the post below has been fix.

Prime Picks

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): New. Elena and Damon head to a college frat party. Rebekah is trying to get Matt to forgive her. Head back to the 12th century with Klaus and his dealings with a group of vampire hunters.

Person of Interest (CBS): New. Reese tries to protect a reporter without her finding out about him and what he does. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 60 minutes.

Elementary (CBS): New. Holmes conducts some experiments that lead him to believe that someone is killing off weak and terminally-ill patients. Holmes learns more about why Joan walked away from her medical career. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Solid Selections

The Big Bang Theory (CBS): New. Sheldon has a Words With Friends disagreement. Penny is secretly taking a course at the local community college. Runs 31 minutes.
Two and a Half Men (CBS): New. Walden has a big choice to make. Starts a minute after the half hour and runs 30 minutes.

The Office (NBC): New. The staff keeps calling in to bother Dwight after he gets on a local radio show. Runs 31 minutes.
Parks & Recreation (NBC): New. Leslie is worried about meeting Ben’s parents. Tom has a new business idea that he wants to pitch to Ron. Starts a minute after the half hour and runs 30 minutes.

Dexter (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Swim Deep,” replays.

Homeland (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Q&A,” replays.

Other Options

  • 30 Rock (NBC): New. Jack and Liz are trying to sway Jenna in their voting direction. Tracy is teaching Kenneth how to vote. Runs 30 minutes.
  • Dexter (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Swim Deep,” replays.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Thursday Night College Football with Virginia Tech at Miami.
  • NFL Network has Thursday Night Football with the Kansas City Chiefs at the San Diego Chargers.
  • TNT has doubleheader NBA action tonight.

Thursday TV Marathons

ION has 10 episodes of Numb3rs.
Oxygen has 16 episodes of House.
USA Network has five episodes of Burn Notice early followed by nine episodes of NCIS.

What are you going to watch Thursday on TV?

"3" Comments
  1. A rerun of “The Voice” is airing instead of the Thursday night comedy block on NBC. And “30 Rock” already aired yesterday in the place of “Animal Practice.”

  2. I’ll be watching: The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Elementart and It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  3. Balaji K, Yeah, I just noticed that after publishing the post that the guide I was using had the wrong information and the email system had already sent it out. I’ve updated it here on the site.

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