Interview: Tracy Spiridakos Talks Revolution Season Two (Video)

Tracy Spiridakos at Comic-Con 2013On Saturday, July 20th I was part of a group interview with Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Charlie Matheson on NBC’s Revolution, at Comic-Con 2013 where she talked about her character and the second season of the show. Revolution season two will kick off Wednesdays on NBC this fall starting September 25th, 2013. See what was covered and watch the video interview below.

Tracy Spiridakos Interview Topics Covered

  • Where Charlie is at the beginning of season two.
  • Her thoughts on where the new season is going.
  • Charlie’s relationship with her mother.
  • The growth of her character.
  • Getting back to basics with weapons and fighting.
  • The shift in the tone of the show.
  • Charlie’s relationship with Myles.
  • What she’d like to see for Charlie.
  • The Revolution fandom.
  • Cosplay at Comic-Con.
  • Filming in Austin, TX.
  • What she wants to do in her down time.

Watch the Interview With Tracy Spiridakos of NBC’s Revolution

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Are you excited for the return of Revolution?

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