A Note to RSS Feed Subscribers Regarding Some Changes

January 23, 2016

Yesterday I went over some of the changes for email subscribers and now for a few things regarding the RSS feed. You will still be able to get the full content of each post in your feed reader, but going forward, as of February 2016, the links to the Printable Schedules will no longer be […]

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A Note to eMail Subscribers Regarding Some Changes

January 22, 2016

Many of you may have gotten two emails yesterday. The first one later than normal and the second with the same content as the first, but with a little bit different layout and much later than normal. That is because I am switching email newsletter services from using the free Feedburner service to using a […]

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TVaholic Turned Four Yesterday

August 29, 2009

Well, TVaholic.com turned four yesterday. It was four years ago yesterday that the first post went live. Once again, there’s been a lot of fun had, many, many, many TV shows watched, and posts written over the past year, since the site’s third birthday. Some Happenings From the Last Year at TVaholic The consecutive daily […]

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Merry… & Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008

You may be wondering what happened to the daily updates, well here’s a little Christmas tale for you now that I was finally was able to borrow my dad’s laptop and get to the library for some free wi-fi. Lost power on Christmas morning, which is not something you like to have happen anytime, but […]

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