Tonight on the Tube

The Grammy Awards are tonight. Many unique performances will be seen. Maybe Saturday Night Live can use one to replace the Prince and Beyonce sketch that they started just after the two performed together at the Grammy Awards. If you like chocolate check out the Cable Choices below. What will you be watching tonight? Prime [...]

Commander In Chief has been benched for awhile do to ever dwindling ratings. The show may be being run better internally with the takeover of Steven Bochco. Yet the product is not as good as it was and it wasn’t that great to begin with. The best part of the show was the devious Templeton [...]

Well my hometown Seahawks lost to the Steelers 21-10 in the Super Bowl yesterday. The game was quite a disappointment. The Hawks really need to check all their toes because they sure were shooting themselves in the foot a lot. On network TV tonight everything is new. Not a repeat in site. Although that doesn’t [...]