Tonight on the Tube

Tonight you will find pretty much everything is new. In the new new realm you will find a two-hour premiere for South Beach on UPN starring Vanessa Williams and Beauty and the Geek kicking off its second season on WB. Lost gives you a chance to try and catch up with the goings-on on the [...]

It really is good to have new episode back on the air. Tuesday has actually become a big night with many good shows on. The DVR will once again be put to heavy use tonight. Some things to note are the return of Michael J. Fox to TV on Boston Legal tonight and on Cable [...]

It is great to have new episode back on the tube. Two midseason shows premiere tonight on ABC, the new Emily’s Reasons Why Not and the returning Jake in Progress. What will you be watching in the second hour of primetime to night? Graham and Stamos, Sheen and Gorham or Caan and Puck? I guess [...]