Tonight on the Tube

Saturday’s are so lacking. The last few have at least had a bunch of reruns from earlier in the week. That is not the case tonight. Prime Picks The World Series Starts tonight on Fox at 7:30 p.m. ET. It is the Houston Astros first ever trip to the Fall Classic. All I can say [...]

Here are a few suggestions for what to watch on TV tonight. What TV shows will you be watching tonight? Prime Picks Ghost Whisperer (CBS): This show is neither good nor really bad it is just ordinary but it is the best option in the first hour of primetime on network TV tonight. Given the [...]

What will swim across your dial tonight? Thursday is always crammed with quality TV. My recording devices will be working overtime as usual tonight. Prime Picks Smallville (WB): Clark is super again but now he has to worry about all those who are close to him and which one isn’t going to make it. Tonight [...]