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American Idol: Down to 10 on Season 5

Well better late than never, I guess. Kevin Covais has left the building. He received the least number of votes as the Top 11 on American Idol sang songs from the ‘50s. I thought he should have been the one leaving last week. This week I thought it should have been Bucky Covington, although he [...]

Mandisa started the night off on American Idol with an outstanding performance and Randy was right she definitely “set the mark” for the rest of the night. A few came close but did not quite reach it. It was a much better night as a whole than last week with the Stevie Wonder songs. Many [...]

There isn’t anything on TV much better than a well-delivered line. So what bits of TV show humor made us laugh last week? A little adoption indignation from Gaby and Tom realizes his place in his household and how it relates to golf on Desperate Housewives. Well without further ado here are the funny TV [...]

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