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American Idol: And Then There Were 11

Well I didn’t even think that Melissa McGhee was going to make the Top 12 so it wasn’t really a shock to see her go. Especially since she forgot the lyrics to the song she was singing. Not just on stage but while singing for Stevie Wonder with the lyric sheet in her hand. I [...]

How did the American Idol Top 12 fair on the bigger stage and under the brighter lights. Well they sure didn’t start off very well. Simon was right, it was like there were two shows going on last night and the first one was pretty bad. The second just kept getting better and better right [...]

There isn’t anything on TV much better than a well-delivered line, some witty banter or engaging dialogue. TVaholic enjoys these bits of TV show humor. Whether they are uttered in a drama or sitcom doesn’t matter. You just want them to say it again or be something you can use yourself in daily conversation. So [...]

American Idol Top 12 – Season 5

Well, America voted and the Top 12 have been chosen on this season of American Idol, the shows fifth. What can I say other than how could Bucky Covington possibly have made it into the Top 12 and Gedeon McKinney not? That was the shock of the night, last night for me. How about you? [...]

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