Taylor Hicks!!! Well it was pretty much just like everybody thought. After the votes were counted the Soul Patrol had mounted an effective campaign to put an end to McPheever, at least as far as American Idol goes. The season five finale itself was actually a pretty good show. They had quite the wide assortment [...]

The answer after last night’s final season five American Idol performances is most likely Taylor Hicks. Not because he was all that much better than Kat overall, he just ended better. Winning the coin flip and opting to go second was a great choice, especially when your performance comes off better. They each started off [...]

If those vote totals are true then it’s hard to see who will become the Season Five Idol. It looks like the question of the moment is for whom are the Yaminians most likely to vote for next week. Sure the performances need to be there to get them motivated to vote but whom do [...]

American Idol last night was pretty good as the three remaining contestants each sang three different songs. First they each sang a song picked for them by legendary music executive Clive Davis. Next they sang a song chosen for them by one of the three judges. Lastly they got to choose one for themselves. It [...]

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