Elvis Presley night was a pretty good night for the American Idol Season 5 Final 4. Everybody really tried to bring it and we got a lot of “that was hot” from Randy. With it being down to four Simon thought it was now “time to get serious” about the performances. Paula continued to once [...]

For a change I actually picked this week’s bottom two on American Idol. It was Paris and Elliott with Paris getting the “Kiss” goodbye and finding that the show is going to “Be Without You.” As four the final four on Season Five I was half right. I thought Chris and Taylor would still be [...]

Tonight the American Idol hopefuls sang two songs. The first was to be from the year of their birth and the second from any of the Billboard Top 10 charts for the week. No special guest this week to help them along. The judges thought it a kind of peculiar night. I thought they were [...]

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