I had two of the bottom three right for this week’s American Idol elimination. How about you? I had Taylor down there with Bucky and Ace. But alas it was Elliot joining those other two in the bottom three. Yet it was Bucky “The Scarecrow” Covington that was finally sent packing instead of my pick [...]

Overall I thought last night’s American Idol performances were pretty good. At least I had heard some of the songs before. Country last week just wasn’t for me. The songs of Queen are much more my speed. While they tried to rock us not everything went over well. You would expect on a night like [...]

Wow I have to say that shock is an understatement. Not necessarily that Mandisa got the least amount of votes and is out of the competition. The whole bottom three. Elliott, Paris and Mandisa. They had middle of the road performances on country night but the bottom three? I guess you really do have to [...]

I have to agree with Simon on the not liking country songs but he could have at least given the vocals a comment or two. Mostly he just seemed to not like the songs. So how did you think the American Idol Top 9 performed last night? I thought they were definitely better as a [...]

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