Well, finally getting a chance to watch last night’s performances from the Top 12 on American Idol season seven. As of this writing the first singer being sent home will be announced on the east coast in about an hour and 45 minutes. By the time this gets posted that person will have probably been [...]

The girls took the stage singing more songs of the 1980s and it was better than last week, but I think the guys might have been better overall this week. Here’s how the TVaholic would rank last night’s Top 8 Girls: Brooke White – The seventh singer to take the stage and sang Pat Benatar’s [...]

The girls took the stage singing songs of the 1970s and it was a night of bad song choices and the singing wasn’t much better. There were only a couple or really good performances. The guys were actually better, overall, than the girls than this week, which is not a good sign, since they didn’t [...]

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