This week the guys were singing classics from the 1970s. Overall, they didn’t really pick it up from last week’s performances. There were more misses than hits, but there were a couple of really good ones. Hopefully, we get more hits than misses with the girls tomorrow night. Here’s how the TVaholic would rank last [...]

Well, not much better than the boys. Again, there were a few really good performances, but there were no truly great performances, although one came close. The “Wow!” has yet to enter the building. After hearing all the performances, am really starting to question the best top 24 ever comments. Unfortunately, all the talent of [...]

Well, not all that great really. While there were a few really good performances, there were no truly great performances. The “Wow!” was missing entirely from the guys. The TVaholic knows that saying this season is the most talented field yet, is mostly hyperbola, but it sounded more like wishful thinking after watching last night’s [...]

What the Chuck?

I know, not much of an original title, but descriptive nonetheless. Have you noticed how many characters in the new fall shows there are that are named Chuck. There are at least four, from four different shows, three of which all play on the same night. Wednesdays are Chuck-ful of them. So, TVaholic thought we [...]

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