Say It Again

Funny Quotes from The Office, The O.C. and More

February 18, 2007

So, what funny quotes have we heard this week? Well, we have an acknowledgement that the end is near on The O.C., Roy trying to impress Pam on The Office and a part of the male anatomy that figures into a couple of punch lines on How I Met Your Mother and Two and a […]

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Funny Lines from The O.C. and Veronica Mars

January 30, 2007

Well, I heard a couple of great lines last week that really made me laugh. So, I thought it was time to get back to posting funny quotes and lines here at TVaholic. During the week of January 21st we had Seth on The O.C. delivering a line like only he can and Mac making […]

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Funny House Quote & More Funny TV Dialogue

November 12, 2006

The Quote of the Week from two weeks ago was a funny House quote from Dr. House himself. Another funny dialogue was delivered on My Name Is Earl and Denny Crane is always good for a good line. These funny quotes were heard on TV during the week of Oct. 29th, 2006. Read on and […]

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Funny Boston Legal Quotes & More Funny TV Lines

October 29, 2006

The Quote of the Week last week was a funny Boston Legal quote from Denny Crane. Other funny lines were delivered this week as well. They include old friends reuniting on Veronica Mars, a studio tour aside, the wonderment of waffles and a conversation between uncle and nephew. These funny quotes were heard on TV […]

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