Say It Again

This past week in funny TV quote land Veronica Mars gives a shout out to Sherlock Holmes, while the Sherlock Holmes of medicine gives a nod to the hero on 24. So what quotes from last week got us laughing? The following funny show quotes are from the week of April 30th, 2006. Read on [...]

There were only a couple of funny lines that stood out last week. So what lines were got us chuckling last week? Well, here are the lines that got the TVaholic to laugh a bit the week of April 23rd, 2006. Read on and enjoy! Dialogue of the Week Show: Two and a Half Men [...]

One of the funniest things on TV last week wasn’t a line but a character’s name. On CSI they were investigating three deaths, which lead them to a bunch of rappers at a fashion convention. One of the rappers was named “Dollar.” He must be twice as good as 50 Cent. So on the funny [...]

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