A TV show doesn’t have to be accurate, real or even slightly realistic in portraying its subject matter. Besides being entertaining, it needs to follow its own rules. In Plain Sight does the former, but not so much the latter. How many times have you heard Mary or Marshall tell a new person into the [...]

“P.S. Please stop sending us nuts.” That is how the open letter posted on the Jericho Fan Forums by CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler ended. Why should the nuts stop? Well, because CBS has decided to renew Jericho for a second season. While it was only for seven episodes, it is better than leaving things [...]

The Problem with the Ghost Whisperer

Well there are many problems with the Ghost Whisperer but the main problem is that there doesn’t really seem to be a point to the show that captures your imagination while making want to know more and continue to watch. You might say the point of the show is helping spirits crossover. If that is [...]

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