Late Night

Saturday Night Live: Peter Sarsgaard

This was a descent week for Saturday Night Live. The show was hosted by Peter Sarsgaard star of the, soon to be released on DVD, movie Flight Plan with Jodie Foster. The musical guest was the Strokes. It was a huge improvement over the previous week, which was just that…weak. Anderson Cooper 360: This was [...]

Scarlett Johansson hosted the first new Saturday Night Live of the year with musical guest Death Cab for Cutie. Wow this crew really knows how to take the buzz from the Jack Black hosted show and flush it right down the toilet. Scarlett Johansson was solid in her performance, as well you would expect from [...]

Saturday Night Live: Jack Black

This is more along the lines of what I expect out of Saturday Night Live. This show was really good. A few downers (Debbie anyone?), some solid sketches and a Digital Short that will become an all time classic. The show started off really well … Opening Sketch: Dick Cheney as Santa Claus was really [...]

Saturday Night Live: Dane Cook

This season has been pretty bad to say the least. Most of what I read about Saturday Night Live recently seems to think so too. So I had been thinking that maybe it was again time for the cast to be overhauled. Not just some new paint or a couple of cool accessories but an [...]

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