Network TV

Can you believe that the Fall 2006 TV Season starts tomorrow with the return of Prison Break and the premiere of the new show Vanished on FOX? What else is in store this TV season? Well I have tried to compile a list of sites from around the web to help you find out just [...]

That is right just a week or so later and NBC is juggling things around. ABC scheduled Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights in the same timeslot as CSI on CBS. This put two ratings winners up against Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. So, NBC (read the press release) decided they better make some changes. [...]

The CW will launch this fall and is the combination of The WB and UPN. This leaves us with five broadcast networks competing for our time each night. FOX also puts out their Fall 2006 TV lineup today. CBS announced yesterday and ABC and NBC were earlier in the week. First off let me say [...]

Today was the day that both FOX and The CW let us know what they think we want to watch. We shall see. FOX has been very hit or miss. Actually they produce what should be a hit, then move it, postpone it and then cancel it leaving us to miss it. ABC, CBS and [...]

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