Network TV

CBS will be returning most of their shows from last season. Only four shows will be new for the fall. They include one half hour comedy and three dramas. Plus they have The King of Queens waiting in the wings with one other new comedy and two new dramas for mid-season. The biggest change is [...]

First off let me say, Wow! Grey’s Anatomy moves to Thursday night putting it up against the #1 rated CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS and the highly anticipated new offering from Aaron Sorkin on NBC, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. That sets up quite a battle royal between the three networks not to [...]

***Update – NBC makes changes to their Fall 2006 TV schedule.*** This is the week all us TVaholics have been waiting for, it is Upfronts week for the networks. Today NBC (read the press release) was the first of the now five broadcast networks to show their wares. Tomorrow will be ABC with CBS on [...]

So, how has FOX performed during the Fall TV season? Well, let us take a day-by-day look at what they have offered up this season so far and see. First though let me mention that FOX has the MLB Playoffs and World Series when the Fall Season is really starting to get underway. This throws [...]

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