TV Talk

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through TV land, Most shows were in repeats, so the schedule was quite bland, The remotes were sitting quietly next to the TV gear, Just waiting for new shows to start in the New Year, The viewers were confused and not knowing what to do, While visions of [...]

Saturday Night Live: Dane Cook

This season has been pretty bad to say the least. Most of what I read about Saturday Night Live recently seems to think so too. So I had been thinking that maybe it was again time for the cast to be overhauled. Not just some new paint or a couple of cool accessories but an [...]

Surface Invasion Storyline

Each TV season there seems to be a bunch of shows that are similar. A lot of times they are just pale knockoffs of some hit show from the previous season. This year they are not imitations of past shows really, they are new. In a sort of hasn’t been done recently type of way. [...]

The Problem with the Ghost Whisperer

Well there are many problems with the Ghost Whisperer but the main problem is that there doesn’t really seem to be a point to the show that captures your imagination while making want to know more and continue to watch. You might say the point of the show is helping spirits crossover. If that is [...]

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