TV Talk

Accuracy vs. Realism in TV Shows

I was watching Commander in Chief last night when the President is summoned to the Situation Room where she is told of the deaths of nine DEA agents. She asks for their names. As their names and where they are from is read off their picture is displayed via projector on the screen over the [...]

The 2005 Fall TV season really starts to get going this week. This is a great time of year for TV fans. I was reading tv filter over on MSN a couple days ago and they posed the question: What are you all most looking forward to? In regards to the new Fall TV Season, [...]

Tonight the viewing is still pretty slim. At least for the new fall season anyway. The only new shows will be on Fox as nothing else premieres until the 25th. Fox continues the early fall season opening with the return of The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad and the debut of The War at [...]

Well at least for me it is. The final episode of The Closer was on last night. The big 70-minute episode they had been advertising all week. Not exactly, the show ended at 1 minute past the hour and the next show a repeat of Wanted started at 5 minutes past the hour. From opening [...]

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