Do You Use GetGlue?

I’ve had a GetGlue account for quite some time now, but never really use it. The last thing I checked into was an episode of the long since canceled Undercovers two years ago. Yet, I get at least one email almost daily notifying me of a new follower to GetGlue.com/theTVaholic, which puts me at 892 [...]

On Friday, May 25th I was a guest on TV Madness with Mekeisha Madden Toby. Mekeisha (@mekeishamadto) is the TV critic for The Detroit News. We spent about 25 minutes talking about the following TV topics: Any surprise cancellations from Upfronts 2012 The CW’s schedule for Fall 2012 The CW versus ABC Family Sci-fi and [...]

‘Twas the TV week before Christmas and all through the land, Most shows were repeats, so the schedule could be quite bland. The remotes would sit quietly along with all the TV gear, Just itching to flip between all the new episodes in the New Year. Yet there were usually a few things worth checking [...]

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through TV land, Many shows were in repeats, so the schedule looked quite bland. The remotes were nestled quietly next to the TV gear, Just waiting for new shows to return in the New Year. However, it wasn’t really as bad as it sounded, So I perused the [...]

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