Accuracy vs. Realism in TV Shows

I was watching Commander in Chief last night when the President is summoned to the Situation Room where she is told of the deaths of nine DEA agents. She asks for their names. As their names and where they are from is read off their picture is displayed via projector on the screen over the […]

What will you be watching tonight? Prime Picks Gilmore Girls (WB): Rory’s grandparents find out what really happened to her and the reason she dropped out of college and confront Logan’s parents about it at the big DAR bash. Commander in Chief (ABC): The new President has to face her first national crisis since taking […]

No Arrested Development or Prison Break tonight because of Baseball. That is what the TVaholic would have been watching tonight. Instead tonight looks like comedy, comedy and more comedy followed by comedy and then a little CSI drama to close out the night. What will you be watching tonight? Check out the ideas below for […]

Review: Close to Home

Show: Close to Home Episode: Series Premiere Originally Aired: Tuesday, October 4th 2005 Rating: 2 out of 4 stars Quick Synopsis: A woman prosecutor convicts the bad guys. Long Synopsis: A prosecutor is back on the job 3 months after giving birth to her first child. She has a happy and stable home with her […]