More new episodes of returning favorites and one new show, so check out tonight’s picks, selections, options and choices. Each section gives you a pick for each of the three hours of Prime Time, if there is something worth giving a look, except Cable Choices where you may need to check your local listing depending […]

Review: Kitchen Confidential

Show: Kitchen Confidential Episode: Series Premiere Originally Aired: Monday, September 19th 2005 Rating 2 out of 4 stars Quick Synopsis: Chef gets second shot after bottle rocket like rise and fall. Long Synopsis: Chef Jack Bourdain based on the real life of Anthony Bourdain and his book of the same name, Kitchen Confidential, has hit […]

The 2005 Fall TV season really starts to get going this week. This is a great time of year for TV fans. I was reading tv filter over on MSN a couple days ago and they posed the question: What are you all most looking forward to? In regards to the new Fall TV Season, […]