Tonight you will find one of each from the Law & Order franchise. CBS has repeats followed by a new 48 Hours Mystery. ABC has a movie. Fox has Cops and America’s Most Wanted. In some areas, like here in Seattle, you may find a repeat of this week’s Veronica Mars on your UPN affiliate. […]

The WB has a full comedy lineup tonight as opposed to the last couple of weeks. It is sci-fi Friday on the Sci-Fi Channel with new eps of SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica. The CBS lineup is all new tonight as well. The finals of the Women’s side of the Australian open are tonight. UPN has […]

What will you be watching tonight? The big deal tonight is who dies on Smallville. What is the deal with shows always wanting to kill off their characters? Can’t they find something else to make the shows interesting? This seems to be the latest and greatest in TV land. Not that is hasn’t been done […]

Can’t believe that the WB and UPN are going away and are to be replaced by The CW a new combined network. I just hope that shows like Veronica Mars make it to the new network. Bones reappears tonight in the second hour of primetime on FOX. What a terrible timeslot for a fun to […]